I am extremely proud of everything 3NG have achieved this half term! This morning we got to celebrate the achievements of some of those children, whether it be in Maths, Writing, Art or just by being their exceptional selves.

3NG, you’re all amazing – keep it up!

Hall Green Library

Today was the turn of the second half of 3NG to take a trip to the local library. They were fascinated by the pop up books we found and loved exploring books by their favourite authors using the alphabetised system.

It was lovely to see how many children are enthusiastic about reading and enjoy different books.

What’s your favourite book to read and why?

Hall Green Library

Today, half of 3NG went to Hall Green library. They had a chance to explore the different areas of the library, looking at fiction and non-fiction texts. They enjoyed books on jewellery-making, sharks and even some exciting pop-up books. We just had time to share two books together.

Homework for this weekend 1/2/2019 – Science

Your project for this weekend is to find and photograph different flowers on Showbie, label their parts and voice record explaining what each part does. If you can’t remember, research their functions online.

You should label these parts:

  • Petals
  • Stem
  • Leaves
  • Anther
  • Stigma
  • Ovary

If you can’t find any flowers at home or in the garden, save some pictures from the internet to label.

How to complete:

  1. Go onto the Showbie app.
  2. Class 3NG > Homework > Parts of a flower
  3. Press the + button to add/import a picture
  4. Crop and click yellow tick to upload.
  5. Click on item and start labelling.

Enjoy investigating!